Saturday, October 7, 2017

Racism IS a mental illness!! Alcoholism is a mental illness!!!

   Since we all know that RACISM is a mental illness, why are racists allowed to purchase guns? Why would a person who threatens President Obama be allowed to own or use guns at all???

   If the purpose of regulation is to stop the mentally ill from shooting people, what are they doing to stop it?

   In fact, the GUN LOBBY (the NRA) is trying to pass a new law that the mentally ill can also buy guns, and that silencers be available to everyone.

  Maybe it's the NRA members that are ALL mentally ill, or is it the members of Congress who are paid off to do what they say?

  How many sane people in Calaveras County do you know who think guns are wonderful??? Why does the Sheriff allow a mail clerk to retain his carry permit after he flashes his gun around in public?

   Alcoholism is a mental illness. Why are drunks allowed to buy guns??  Something is very wrong!

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Anonymous said...

well, DUH!!!