Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sierra Sentinel owner accused of being GROWERS??? DiBasilio "wierd, crazy, violent?"

   As everyone knows who reads the Sierra Sentinel, the owner  believes they have not only racist and alcoholic, but "WIERD", "Violent" and "CRAZY" neighbors who have all been reported to the authorities, but now it goes a step further.

   We have been tipped off
that they and their racist friends, the ANTI-POT movement, have tried to report that the owner is a GROWER of cannabis.

   He is only 79 years old and recently had a heart attack, so it seems like a good time to start a new
business venture, right???????

   So that's why the Calaveras Sheriff has sent out unmarked helicopters to nearly land illegally, near the owners  home and cause danger to those on the ground by those flying the small red and white copter.

   Our Calaveras Sheriff is SO corrupt that he would try to and does harass many people who disagree with his corruption, racism and sick treatment of women.

     It would be pretty hilarious except that he put lives in danger and could easily have started a fire if the copter recently witnessed had touched a tree.

   Seems like the current temporary Sheriff DiBasilio is one of the so-called "Weird, violent and crazy" people in Calaveras.

      Is he also a DIRTY COP???  What did he do with the complaint he received regarding the  recent helicopter incident???



Anonymous said...

Now you know the type who are trying to get rid of Garamendi. Anything the churches want, the churches get???

Anonymous said...

A super idea, but not in this county. OOur elected people are 'morons', uneducated dotards, who wouldn't do anything their extremist church friends tell them.

Anonymous said...

lol, lol, great Saturday reading ss.

Anonymous said...

If you read his bio he used t be an employee of the local dump. Dump to Sheriff? Hmmm he will not win any election because he will run against people with experience and a law degree. By BY Sheriff Rick, oh and you can always apply at your local gprw site for a job as security guard next year.

Anonymous said...

Pothead to Sheriff, don't you mean?

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I hear Olievva is behind harassing the owner. Says you refuse to be on his "gun team"!

Anonymous said...

I think they confused him with the ACE people, who ARE growers!