Sunday, November 5, 2017

Planning Commissioner Wooster makes BAN comment, should RECUSE

  At the most recent Calaveras Planning Commission meeting, Commissioner Wooster made a statement that should force him to RECUSE himself from the
Cannabis Regulation meeting and vote on November 29, 2017.

   Wooster, who is well-known as the most racist of the Planning Commissioners, said that even though he has been instructed to come up with REGULATIONS for the Cannabis industry, that he will, instead, speak in favor of a BAN!!!

   Not only should Wooster recuse himself, but he needs to RESIGN for his racist and biased comments against Supervisors direction!!!


Anonymous said...

Your racist and biased name calling is getting old. Donna Brazille told me you are full of hate and not a very god donor to the democrat party.

Anonymous said...

He's the one who hates minorities, yes. I read about him in some paper. His racist super. keeps him in the job.