Friday, November 10, 2017

Cannabis: Land use issue or Planning Commissioner Choice???

  If you have paid any attention at all to the Planning Commission meetings over the past couple of years, you are aware of the many discrepancies in the Cannabis issue.

  Since Cannabis is a Land Use Issue, the Planning Director and Commissioners have the right to interpret and to make decisions based on their good judgment!  And that is the problem. Do any of them have good judgment???

   Grower after grower paid their $5000 to the county, followed EVERY law and procedure they required, many to be denied due to a STUPID technicality.

   On the other hand, we have watched these 5 pass and approve insane zoning and business uses involving the grape business, which is totally at their discretion. 

    In fact, one was given permission to open a business right next to a busy highway, without demanding any turn lane, or other requirements.

 Just last week a woman who paid and followed all the rules the county gave her was told to "go to hell" because she got her "clean" background check in Tuolumne County and NOT Calaveras.

  We've seen others denied due to a mistake in property lines and a few feet in a site plane.  These people should be thrown out and replaced with people who understand cannabis as a business, not as a DRUG!!

  If a person wants to grow grapes, build a house, etc. they are allowed to correct errors and move on; but not cannabis farmers.  This is corruption, plain and simple!!


Anonymous said...

I think the worst of the worst is that muterties woman. what a mean nasty dunce

Anonymous said...

The questin is; will it get better with new regulations and the same PC's, racism being involved?

Anonymous said...

U 4get that this is the county of mills and clap.

Anonymous said...

Some day this will all be ridiculous history. The feds will rescind their fraudulent listing of cannabis as the top drug and the country will accept it as a part of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Will you accept a death rate increase caused by over medication?