Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DiBasilio watching out at night??? Wife's trees????

  We haven't heard back from the temporary Sheriff, who only wants to arrest pot people for the money after reporting a tip we heard. We certainly hope the KKK are not involved in these threats!

  Is he watching his wife's trees and plants like we suggested, because we are well aware of crazy people who get even by cutting down and damaging other people's property.

   Please be careful Mr. Temporary Sheriff, because some of these kooks have lots of GUNS, and they do not grow pot, we understand.!!! We are aware, however, that they are so crazy they try to take their anger and revenge out on women. 

   Oh, well, Mr. DiBasilio, we understand that you have lots of guns too! We are also told that you promised your wife you would arrest them, unlike if they do it to others in the county. Is that true???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe they meant one of his girlfriends trees or poperty. I hear one is a grower.