Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sorry if we offended anyone, but....USFS Candyrock.......

  UPDATE:  The residents of Calaveras have the right to know that a deputy at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office has said that if anyone states bad things (the truth) about racists, gun thugs, violent nuts, trespassers, thieves or dirty cops, they deserve what they get, in effect! 

  Does anyone see anything wrong in Calaveras County????

 After we published the article titled USFS Candyrock, we received one particularly violent and threatening anonymous comment, which we have forwarded
to Sheriff DiBasilio.

   We are aware that the reason a lot of the neighbors who live in the "terrorist" training range don't complain more is out of fear from these low-life, and often racist, violent shooters.

  We published the filthy comment after cutting the letters of the worst words out so that others who are fortunate enough not to live near these 'terrorists', can see what they are going through. 

  It is shocking that the USFS does nothing!!!  This is an example of who spends time at Candyrock, which is located in the Stanislaus National Forest, but is near homes.

   What we have been told over the years is that the USFS people are terrified of doing anything to upset these crazies too! What a shame!!


Anonymous said...

Just read the other article, seems that this is more like the place AA meets. Booze, shooting, filth, scum, they don't like rules so they don't go to a legal range. Drunks most likely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are wonderful legal gun ranges around, but not where you can booze, shoot, piss and play war.

District 1 voter said...

Thank you for fighting for right, stay strong and be safe.