Friday, November 10, 2017

Texas killer animal tortures

    Last night we learned from a friend of the Texas church killer, that he bought animals, especially dogs, from Craigs List.

   According to the authorities, his friend said he used them for target practice. Animal abusers of any kind should be locked up permanently. It is a sign of mental illness that is, we believe, incurable.

  We know of many in Calaveras County; people who beat their own poor dog if it dares to bark, poison dogs for fun, shoot at birds on other people's land for kicks.

   We have even seen those who abuse their own dogs by refusing to take them to go to the bathroom; forcing them to become ill holding it in a little cage, and if they don't, punishing them, all because THEY are lazy worthless and sick,

   They are not fit to be loose and are dangerous to society. The progression of animal abuse to human abuse has been proven over and over again.

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