Friday, January 19, 2018

Thank you Leslie Davis about land re-assessment

  This is a portion of the lengthy response Calaveras Assessor Leslie Davis gave us on the question of property values after the cannabis ban:

   'First of all, the Assessor is way behind is reappraising properties that sold or had new construction over the past two years....Let's assume....that we've actually reappraised the properties in question.

   If the property values decline, then that decline is measured as of the lien date, January 1, 2018. On that date, the cultivation of cannabis was still legal. 

  I think owners would have a HARD time making a case for a decline in value at that time.  Two weeks later affects the next roll year...2019.

   And that assessment roll won't be pushed out until July 1, 2019. Because we've been so far behind it's been necessary to enforce our first-in, first-out policy.

   So, we will get to it as time and resources permit. There are a number of property owners who have been patiently waiting for their property to be assessed and they deserve to know that we are treating everyone the same.
   Let's revisit your 'worthless' comment. For us to lower a value, we have to measure a decline in the market.  That doesn't mean that is a hue and cry over the BOS decision.

   It means that multiple owners have listed their property and they have had to accept lower prices than the property's assessed value.

   By law, we have to enroll the lower of market value or factored base year value as of the lien date. I sincerely doubt there is market evidence to prove that point for 2018 but it's POSSIBLE.

   If there is market data, then my appraisers will find it when they review all properties for continued declines in value later in the spring.

   The Board's decision was not a 'reappraisable EVENT'. That is, it does not trigger a reassessment of the property because it was not a change in ownership or new construction. Those are the triggers by law.

   The only way those property values will be reviewed is if there was a decline in value or if the owner FILES an ASSESSMENT APPEAL.

Leslie Davis, Calaveras County Assessor


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Anonymous said...

Assessor Davis, you expressed the law quite well. Thank you!