Sunday, January 14, 2018

Who should the public support for Calaveras Sheriff?

   When Kuntz dropped dead during the Butte Fire, Supervisor Oliveira and the other Supervisors interviewed and graded several applicants to take his place.

   In the grading, Rick DiBasilio graded the LOWEST of all.  Oliveira got mad and demanded that he get the job because he liked Kuntz.  Nothing would change, he said!

   And that was true!  The same corrupt policies and loss of deputies due to their choice of either sucking up and doing the things DiBasilio wanted or leaving.  

    Deputies have been leaving, rather than work for DiBasilio, even though DiBasilio insists more money is the reason they won't stay here.

   We have discovered that DiBasilio is NOT a nice Italian boy!!

   We can name one deputy instantly who got a promotion and is now in charge of harassing homeowners with a helicopter, inspecting innocent people for growing pot. 

   He was promoted when he LIED to a victim about a death threat report that Kuntz ordered SQUASHED, because the person who made the threat campaigned for him.

   Kuntz even told this paper that he had an email from the perp admitting to the threat. And that is what you have to do to get ahead in 'good 'ol' Calaveras County.

  We have met and spoken with Pat Garrahan on many occasions and he is an educated, nice man, but extremely religiously right wing.  Now that Trump in in the WH we are terrified of supporting anyone with that problem.

   Gary Stevens has never contacted us. He works in Amador County but once was a deputy in Calaveras.  We will let the public know if he tells us his ideas for making the department less corrupt.

   If you have ever made a formal complaint to the Calaveras Sheriff, you know that they NEVER get back to you and everyone we've spoken with, including the Calaveras Grand Jury, says they CHUCK them.

   We will keep tab on what is going on, and let the public know.


Anonymous said...

The reason olivera wanted him is because he's dumb and can be controlled.

Anonymous said...

Oliveira admitted he was a drinking buddy of Kuntz and Dibasilo