Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Are you qualified to work at Trump White House??

   Openings at the Trump White House are going unfilled; and why?

   Because there are not enough qualified people applying?  You must be: rich enough to hire a $100,000 lawyer, tough enough to withstand ill treatment by your boss, and STUPID enough to agree with the White Nationalist agenda and be filled with Trump love!

   What could possibly go wrong?  Ask Sam Nunberg?  Terrified now of the cost of his lawyers, threatening not to go before the Grand Jury, behaving in a manic-depressive manner and being asked if he has been drinking.

   Nunberg has not even been an OFFICIAL employee; but has worked secretly with Roger Stone of FOX News. He must now turn over all emails between himself and Stone and himself and Bannon.

  Will he take an offer of immunity for turning over Stone and Trump to Mueller??? Yes, another qualification for employment: Never FLIP on your BOSS!! 

   It also helps if you know NOTHING about the job you are about to take!

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