Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Oliveira can't control Calaveras Building Department!! Where is Todd Barr???

   A man named Ed Short, who used to be a Fire Marshall of some kind, was hired to run the Calaveras Building Department. Why?

   Was Todd Barr interviewed for the job?  Contractors are complaining that nothing is getting done; plans are not getting approved, permits not issued.

   It is being said that Supervisor Oliveira hired this man because he is a friend of his instead of finding someone capable of the job.

   The Calaveras District 3 Supervisor does not seem to know what to do and cannot control the Building Department.

   Oliveira has stated that he does not like contractors, builders, carpenters, and all the other suppliers for homes in Calaveras because they did not support his last election.

   Between this problem and his failure to handle bridge disasters in Ebbetts Pass, doesn't seem like they will support him this time either. 


Anonymous said...

I have had plans submitted to the building dept., drafted by an AIA architectural firm for over a year with no permit.
The building dept hire outside plan check firms who detail every last bit.
The Architect I hired has been in business 39 years an is very knowledgeable and successful.
Big and detailed projects and awards. He stated he has never had this kind of response or lack thereof in all his years. Inept and backwards is what this County has become

Anonymous said...

The only one supporting him is that horrible woman Alice Montgomery and a few old retired cops from the City. sounds like this Building Department guy too!
No more corrupt Oakland cops truing to run our lives like Oakland PD!!!