Monday, March 19, 2018

Sheriff spreads rumors that he caught TERRY???

   After the humiliation of being unable to find an arrest one of Sheriff Rick DiBasilio's favorite bad guys Jimmy Black Terry, rumors have been spread.

   Some say that rumors of Terry being arrested in a far off land are being spread by the Sheriff himself, but we cannot confirm this. We do know that we find no record of Terry being arrested.


Anonymous said...

Nice try Sheriff Rick. Anything to keep your appointed job. Where is Terry?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky try and try but you just can't catch a dead beat like Terry. You would love to grandstand like you did at the airport FAKE bust where you ruined a registered compliant growers day so you could stand tall when measure D was going to the ballot. You are just a failure Ricky.

Anonymous said...

I caught this piece of shit in my backyard a month ago on Pine Dr. and was close to getting into a fight with him. If I had known who he was at the time I would have shot him dead or least held hum at gunpoint before he ran off!