Friday, March 30, 2018

Stephon Clark shot IN THE BACK!!!--Calaveras has them too!!

   When law enforcement wonders why the public does not trust them, they have only to look at the facts.

   Stephon Clark, was shot at 20 times,
hit 8 times, with at least 6 of those bullets striking him in the BACK!

   A black male, he was in his grandmothers back yard in Sacramento, when 2 officers responded to a vague call in the area for someone possibly breaking car windows.

   The only reason we don't have these in Calaveras is because there are very FEW people of color living here.

      In fact, many believe the cops that work here, can't handle working around minorities and are hiding up here in the hills.

   They do other things to prove their racism however. They turn loose and even our DA refuses to charge and try known racists, even those who threaten women and the President of the US.

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Anonymous said...

Drain swamp of Calaveras county