Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sheriff DiBasilio restricts CARRY PERMITS!! Makes enemies!!!

   CANDYROCK Porn site!

    We applaud Sheriff Rick DiBasilio for his courage and feel for him while he is a victim of an onslaught by gun thugs
in Calaveras County.

   Separating himself from Oliveira, DiBasilio is requiring three letters of recommendation for anyone
applying fog a gun carry permit in Calaveras.

   Both Stevens and Garrahan assailed DiBasilio as going against the 2nd Amendment and California State law and are against his new rule. 

   Garrahan wants to know who is doing the background check on the three who write letters? Good point!!

   There is s dangerous bunch of gun thugs, many who hang out at the known porn site at Candyrock in Ebbetts Pass, who are now against DiBasilio.

   We know, because we as the Sierra Sentinel, have been victims of these worthless thugs. Thank you DiBasilio, for putting them in their place.

  NOW, close down their porn site CANDYROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

thank you mr. sheriff. Can I trust you on that one. Some of those people who carry are crazy. Will you go back and demand recommendations for them too? I'll bet the gun kooks are madd at you.

Anonymous said...

First of all its not a NEW rule for 3 letters of recommendation. Second of all Gary Stevens has always supported gun rights and believes in our 2nd amendment. So to say that Garahan is so pro gun and Gary Stevens is not is real dumb. Maybe you should go to an event and watch what they are really sayin. Dibasilio is now taking credit for all these drug raids but what happened 18 months ago? Also I would love to know what there were never anyone to arrest when they did do a raid???

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ricky!

Anonymous said...

I agree Ricky baby! Just stomp those gun guys in the face over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Why does Sheriff's Captain that lives in another county get to exceed the speed limit without lights and siren on his way to work in Calaveras? Would you please inquire with General Dibasilio or the special privileged CAPTAIN?

Anonymous said...

My three letters: Are your ready? AMERICAN VETERAN, AMERICAN VETERAN, AMERICAN VETERAN. TIME for a new elected Sheriff, who can read and comprehend the Constitution of the United States.

Should this BS continue, I suggest if people have to be 21 to buy a gun and they have to be 21 to consume alcohol, then no draft for military duty until 21 and no voluntary enlistment until 21.