Wednesday, March 21, 2018

All dirty, racist or fired cops invited: FREE DINNER in Arnold

   We have been told by a source that Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira has sent personal invitations to all the lying, the dirty, the fired and useless
racist cops in this area to dinner.

   Oliveira is buying. It is at a secret location in Arnold.  He says if he forgot to send you a personal one, to come on anyway and he will kiss your smelly BUTT!!! Have Fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Do I have to cross any one-way bridges to get there?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he doesn't stop by to threaten the owners of the Black Bear Inn!
It's deplorable what Oakland PD Mike and his corrupt friends the Muetturties have done to those amazing business owners!
No more corrupt cop tactics From Oakland Mike!

Anonymous said...

I hope the menu hasn't changed as many times as his stance on Marijuana!!!
What a flip flopper. Poor guy can't make up his mind!