Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Patriarchy and the right wing religions

    It hasn't been that long in the U.S. where women have been established as equal even in their own homes, due to "Christian" religious teachings.

   And still today, we see, as on CNN this morning, that while Anna Navarro condemns Trump as destroying the honor of the Presidency, she praises his appointment of religious freak Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

   After all, as Trump said "women should be punished' is the mantra of the right wing Trumpianity religious right. 

    While he is immoral, crude, a filthy bully and incompetent, the Trump women voters say 'he's a man and MEN know what is best for women'.  Do you agree??

   It is true, that when given the choice of a woman or a black male, most voters chose the black male. Will the U.S. EVER see the light, or will we continue to have TRUMPS???


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