Thursday, March 22, 2018

Calaveras Building Department in total disarray--A FIREMAN????

   No one knows exactly how it happened. It started when Callaway, Tryon and Wilensky hired a strange woman to come to Calaveras County
and fire the best Building Department head the county ever had, Ray Waller.

   Then they fired her, Waller got his million in a lawsuit and the department never recovered. Now they've hired a friend of Supervisor Oliveira, who hasn't got a clue how to run a building department.
           Complaints are daily, from contractors who can't take care of their customers, from entire home plans to simple remodels; the building department in Calaveras County is a mess!

   This is no way to run a business. If Oliveira can't handle the job of Supervisor, can't even take car of the bridges in District 3, then he should resign, not run again just to get retirement benefits!!

   Think about it Mr. Oliveira!  Residents in District 3 deserve better. Get rid of the fireman in the building department NOW!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you sentinel and yes all true but very unfortunate circumstances in this stupid county

Anonymous said...

This is Mills doing not Oliveira. Mills and Cox as his handler are slowly replacing each and every member of the county. Either by election or fire and hire. There are easily enough racist white red necks to elect any new candidate. Just watch and see what this County will look like in Three years. Very similar to Southern Oregon who last hung a black man in Antelope Or. in 1950.