Monday, March 19, 2018

Tom McClintock reason for Trumps criminal behavior--KISSES A**

  Our own Congressional Representative, Tom McClintock, one of the laziest and corrupt politicians to ever grace this district, is one of the main reasons we have a criminal in the White House.

   McClintock continually defends Trump,  kisses Trump's A** and then hides in order to get re-elected. McClintock is nothing but a CARPET-BAGGING  RAT and MORON, who is greased up in order to do
Trumps bidding.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Oliveira posted an endorsement from this Flatlander that looked like it was copy and pasted by a 3rd grader. McClintock is endorsing Oliveira because of all the help he has done protecting trees? Oh lordie! I can't stop laughing!