Friday, March 30, 2018

Garrahan sets tone for Calaveras Sheriff

   At the first Calaveras County Sheriff debate, Garrahan set the tone for what residents really want in the county; a change in the way law enforcement is run.

   In his opening statement Garrahan said that he was the ONLY candidate who was not part of, nor would he continue,  the corrupt "GOOD OLD BOY" policies of the past. 

  That will get him votes among those voters who are sick of the way DiBasilio has just followed along in the old ways and WHY he is losing officers.

   DiBasilio stated that he is now only hiring locals, who know what goes on and who approve of the corrupt practices of Calaveras' past.  How sad that is!

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Gina Gonzales said...

I attended this and I can say that Mr. Garrahan was not paying attention!! He was asked 3xs a question and he all 3xs diverted the answer to another subject. I don't feel he is involved enough with Calif law and educated to be our Sheriff.