Friday, March 30, 2018

"Dirty cops LOVE Hillary!"

  A BIG banner needs to say something important, don't you

   "I'm cryyyyyiiiing, Over you. Cryyyiiing, Over you!!!
And Callaway, oh, so unhappy. Go, Merita!


Anonymous said...

When you say dirty cops up have to be more specific.

Are we referring to dirty Oakland PD cop Mike Oliveira!?!

or Gary Stevens? Who just treats cannabis farmers dirty?

Inquiring minds want to many choices!

Anonymous said...

Gary Stevens has skeletons in his closet. Lives in Calaveras but works in Amador?? Five different sheriffs, he has worked for due to early release without pay FACT. I guess after being around the multiple sheriffs he thinks he knows what he is supposed to do NOT. Dont' let this pig work in Calaveras County! He will cause harm to many as he did back in the 90's when here.