Sunday, March 25, 2018

Trouble in White House paradise???

  We understand that Melania Trump was upset enough to refuse to ride to the airport in the same car with her Donald when they traveled to Mara Lago Friday.

  Now we hear that she will be staying in Mara Lago for at least a week, while Trump returns today. The porn star interview is on TV tonight. 

    Melania has apparently cancelled all of he planned appearances for the coming week or so.


Anonymous said...

Bad husband! I thought you were supposed to do all that before you get married and commit to another. I guess he is just a liar and a cheater. Used to getting whatever he wants and carrying the same bad behavior with America and its safety and sovereignty. PIG needs to be removed from office so he can spend his time with porn stars

Anonymous said...

Do you think she maybe wants to spend Easter Break with her son while he is on break? Who would want to spend time in DC during winter when you can go to Florida?

Anonymous said...

Boy "talk" locker room "talk" - remember that? Really?????