Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why you can't win in District 5, Rancho Calaveras--Goodbye Mr. Clapp!!

   For many, many years in Calaveras County, one Supervisorial district has been more difficult to elect a stable and responsible representative in; District 5!

   Rancho Calaveras is like a small city unto itself and people who get elected there the first time often make the mistake of thinking they can relax and 'sit on their front porch' while their voters are left dangling.

   Therefore, more turnover has been created in District 5 than in any other district in Calaveras County.  There is a certain overly religious woman who attempts to DOMINATE the district and if you cross her, LOOK OUT!!!

  Of course, Darren Spellman discovered that woman is Lora Most!  It is our discovery that she cares about nothing more than to put someone in that chair to represent HER religion alone, with her judgmental racism and anti-women's rights beliefs.

   As many have found out, catering to an old woman who is angry and lost her husband, is impossible.  Goodbye, Mr CLAPP!!!  You are the next victim of Ms. Most's wrath!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my stomach hurts. I need to go take a Clapp