Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Calaveras Sheriff takes student comment seriously, but not RACISTS! Lock them UP!!

    Very interesting that our temporary Calaveras Sheriff detained a 15 year old Calaveras High School student today over a comment he made about not bringing a firearm to school.

   This same Sheriff DiBasilio thinks its okay if his and Oliveiras' personal friend Michael Preston, racist who is a well known racist, and was reported to the Secret Service and FBI for threatening the honorable President of the United States.

    He was heard and seen saying "SHOOT THE N*****!" in front of many witnesses, pointing his fingers as if guns at the TV where Obama was speaking.  Did you lock him up and take all his guns away?   Oh, no, because he campaigns for you???

   We find the whole thing about the child disgusting!!  Treat your racist supporters at least as harshly as you treat a 15 year old, DiBasilio.  Actually, your racist friends should be LOCKED UP, in our opinion and their guns taken from them, as your President Trump said.

   LOCK HIM and his crazy racist friends UP!  LOCK THEM UP!!!


Anonymous said...

If this is even half true, dibasilo should not be elected anything.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know that Callaway likes Preston too. She thinks he's sweet. Don't kbow what kind of relationship sick there.

Anonymous said...

that's not possible. Everyone knows he's homo.