Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Get out your magnifying glass for Muetterties????

I'm bigger when I have a
gun in my hands!!!
   Since we had NEVER before seen a property for sale that had used Muetterties as their sales company, we were shocked to see one
sign on Hwy 4.

   On closer examination (with a magnifying glass) it appears to be a political sign for some office a
Muetterties person is running for.

    We'll keep our magnifying glass handy so that we can see this Muett if he shows up at a debate.
We'll need it!!


Anonymous said...

He's still a baby elfin on a shefin. When he grows up he'll be a big boy like his hero Jefferson beauregard sessions, the racist elfin.

Anonymous said...

He's nothing but a sniveling little coward who can't run a business and now needs an easy job.