Friday, March 16, 2018

Guidici vs. Clapp for District 5 Calaveras Supervisor

   Almost immediately unpopular, A little known contractor Clyde Clapp got lucky when a recall was done on Steve Kearney because of the asphalt plant he pushed for in Rancho Calaveras.

   Now, however, Clapp demonstrates a lack of decorum, of integrity and seems to have some weird religious junket to chase and has lost his credibility.

   There is one person who can likely easily defeat him and that is Bruce Guidici.  Calaveras District 5 is well-known for its one-term or less Supervisors.


Anonymous said...

Vote yes for Bruce an experienced honest man

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to attend soon to be EX Supervisor Clapp's campaign rallies where we can ask him questions in front of a group.

Prepare Sir as you are about to provide details on your accomplishments while at your seat.

Little pathetic worm