Thursday, March 8, 2018

SNL: Hunting is NOT a sport!!! Get a clue!!!

Got our limit! Let's go home!
I'm a REAL buck now!!!(hic)
  If you watched Saturday Night Live this week, you saw that in their news about the terrorist
group, the NRA, that hunting was mentioned.

   The news reported announced that for the information of the NRA that HUNTING wild animals, who have no way of shooting back, is NOT a SPORT! 

   Only thugs, whipped husbands and drunks would torture an innocent animal of any type to try and make themselves feel more like a man!!! 

   Thank you SNL, for continuing to remind us all, that humans are animals too. It's only one little step from killing an innocent deer to torturing and killing a person!! 

  It's actually more of a sport, like WAR, to hunt humans!  At least they may know how to shoot back!!!

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