Friday, October 12, 2018

Murphys meat theives scared??

The Wayne County Sheriff arrested three people for
stealing meat. Will the Murphys Meat Thieves end
up in prison?  Lock them UP!  Lock them UP!
Are they scared??  YUP!
   After we published an article regarding the Murphys Meat Thieves we began receiving
threats and harassment from mentally unstable people.

   Nothing will be published from them, but it appears they are involved or are in some way part of the Murphys Meat Thieves.

  Just to let you know, we have been threatened by the racist gun thugs, dirty cops and crazy drunken PTSD postals and nothing scared us off so far.

   So if you think you can stop us from exposing you, you are mistaken!! Get a life!  Stop committing
crimes!  Get yourselves committed for treatment!

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Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha lots of rumors.