Monday, October 15, 2018

Who paid for DiBasilio to fly to Chicago???

   Apparently the man who was temporarily appointed Calaveras Sheriff flew to Chicago to attend some cop conference.

   What we want to know is who PAID for all those expenses???


Anonymous said...

Typically those events are paid for by the organization who is hosting the event. Since Brenda Hanley received the award they would pay for her hotel and airfare and they probably paid for Dibasilio. Not sure about if they covered Macedo and Crabtree’s as well though.

Anonymous said...

Why did he wait until this year to apply for this award?
He had NOTHING to do with Op Terminous, the deputies did all the work, but he doesn’t give them any credit, just like his ad where he busted a meth ring, he had nothing to do with it, he didn’t know about until after the bust
He’s a fraud

Anonymous said...

Election time, Election time. Goodbye, to Sheriff D.