Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Who's giving land to the Fisher's of Blue Lake Springs

   At the October 8, 2018 Calaveras Supervisor meeting a member of the public came to the podium during Public Comment period to ask about Agenda item # 14 at the September 18, 2018 board meeting.

   He indicated that it was a land giveaway to people who may want to block others from using a 50' section off Marti Drive in Blue Lake Springs.

   Supervisor of District 3, Michael Oliveira appeared to be shocked and asked what meeting that item was on the agenda for.  At the time the item was postponed.

   So, is Oliveira giving land away to the Fishers and whoever else's APN appears on this item?  Are they supporters to his campaign?

  We have a call in to Matthew Boyer of Public Works, who is the only name on the agenda item request and await his reply.

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Anonymous said...

The truth about him keeps coming out just follow the money!