Friday, October 5, 2012

Do Our Supervisors Ever Lie?

An indoor shooting range is how to
answer all of the problems with gun noise,
and to keep shooters out of our neighborhoods.
    After watching the Board of Supervisors meeting of Tuesday, September 25, 2012, we have to wonder how the Sheriff's Office can handle working with some of these Supervisors.

   After Callaways' contstituents complained because she exempted gunfire from the noise ordinance, she reminded Captain Macedo that  "it was his idea, wasn't it?"

   Well, we went back and reviewed the video. It was Callaway's idea, not Captain Madedo's. Now the Sheriff's Department, who all target practice themselves, are to be the BAD GUYs against the SHOOTERS in Ebbetts Pass!!  Does she think everyone is STUPID?

   Also,we now know, that after have watching the entire process of this noise ordinance, it was actually created to help Tom Tryon in his run-off election agains Debbie Ponte.

   How does he think it will help him? He's hoping that Copperopolis homeowners will  vote for him because he made a noise ordingance specifically against Lake Tulloch Resort parties.


Anonymous said...

Few people in copper will take issue with fixing the Lake Tulloch resort issue. I guess you just had to be there. Don't compare it to Ironstone or Mountain Air...........there is NO camparison. The sound was out of control, the drinking was out of control, the violence was out of control, the drugs were out of control, the tresaaping was out of control. IF it takes a noise ordinance to protect the rights of resisednts then so be it. Your rights do not extend to my property or my life. The Resort is not a good neighbor and has not been for many years.

Anonymous said...

Tryon is such bad news. If he gets re-elected (for 32 years, isn't it)I'm moving!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't at the Lake Tulloch event so am not trying to dismiss the issue however the big problem with ordinances is that they're generally 1 size fits all with a huge potential for abuse from both the complainants and enforcers. Since moving here 16 years ago I've noticed a pattern of people moving here to get away from all the rules and regulations of the big city only to demand more rules and regulations here.

Mike in Copper said...

It is most disappointing to read that few will take action to curb the outrageous activities permitted at the Tulloch resort. Uncivilized behavior is growing in Copper just like elsewhere but to have it imported adds insult to injury.

The anonymous commenter who whined about "the problem with ordinances" is probably a nuisance himself. In reality most people move to the country not to escape social rules but to enjoy peace and quiet, and to commune with nature. Nuisances always complain about rules and regulations because they want to continue their uncivilized behavior without having to face consequences.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mike. If someone points out the potential downfall of an ordinance then they're "probably a nusiance" is the kind of dim-witted pin-headed statemate that explains why Califonia is in such a sorry state. Let's just villify anyone who doesn't agree with us 100%. God save us from imbeciles!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Have you read title 17 of the zoning code? It is not one size fits fact it is quite comprehensive. It addressess all of the issues with the event....but most counties have a sperate noise is for when people;s 'utter lack of respect for thier neghbors makes then do stupid things