Monday, October 1, 2012

T.O.T. continued

A week ago the Sierra Sentinel emailed all the County Supervisors and hopefuls
and asked for their position on the T.O.T. initiative.
Of course we know Steve Wilensky's position.
So far only 1 "hopeful" has replied to the Sentinel.
So why wouldn't the other's state their position?

Because they're worried more about votes than principals,
especially votes related to the special interests that will benefit
from the T.O.T. increase.
And if this is what motivates them before the election,
the same thing is going to motivate them after they're elected.
Rather than show some integrity and backbone, they sit back
and let other's, many ignorant of the facts, do the infighting.
= = = = =
Let's think about the importance of this issue that they refuse to take
an honest and ethical position on.
VISITORS (i.e. tourists) spend an average of $150,000,000.00 a year in the County.
******   that's 150 MILLION dollars folks!  ******    
Only about  $14 Million or 9% of this revenue relates to Lodging.
But ONLY the lodging facilities are required to collect T.O.T.
and consequently have to raise their prices accordingly
or pay the T.O.T. out of their own pocket.
What about the businesses that benefit from the other 91% of revenue from these Visitors?
= = = = =
Are you starting to understand the reluctance of their weighing in on this?
There is Absolutely No way to argue, without resorting to ingenuous spin,
that this tax is NOT unfairly administered.
They COULD say that their support of T.O.T. hinges on addressing this gross inequity
but then they would have to follow up and that would take real effort.
And more importantly, that would threaten the support of the businesses that don't
collect T.O.T. yet receive 91% of Visitor revenue!
So the easiest thing to do is to sacrifice the lodging facilities for the greater good,
the greater good being the garnering of votes,
despite the fact that these facilities, many of whom are struggling,
are an integral component of an industry that brings in $150 Million in revenue.
= = = = =
And then of course there's the other inequity : the fact that the County
has historically distributed only 30% of the T.O.T. back to Tourism.
How does one even begin to justify giving tourism back LESS than 50%!
The insanity continues!
William Konietzny
Robin's Nest Bed and Breakfast



Anonymous said...

In other words: County Supervisors don't actively support ALL the businesses in their district - only the ones they deem necessary to get and stay elected. Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

$150 Million dollars! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think about all those comments from people saying we don't need or want Outsiders. My gosh, without the outsiders we'd lose most of our businesses.