Monday, October 1, 2012

Peter Racz: "Murphys Manure"

No! We won't do what's right for
our "Mrphys Manure" customers.
You can't make us merge/"
   A member of the public from the Valley Springs area, who attends nearly all of the Board of Supervisor meetings has a way of coining a phrase when he addresses the Board members.

   At the most recent meeting, where Supervisor Callaway pushed for yet another bailout, this time for her supporters on the Board of the Murphys Sanitary District, Racz spoke against the idea.

   Stating that taxpayers in other areas should not have to pay for the incompetence of Murphys Sanitary's Board, he said "this is Murphys Manure,
not ours."

   Peter Racz is correct. The more the rest of the county's taxpayers bail them out, the longer they can continue to mismanage and fail to correct their problems, which are personnel based.

   Murphys Sanitary District had the opportunity to merge its sewage into the CCWD plant in Douglas Flat, which recently upgraded.

   However, Ms. Davies, the President of the Board fought the merger, plunging MSD further into the corruption of sludge and slime. Callaway stated that the MSD Board did not know their employee was stockpiling "Murphys Manure."  We find that very difficut to believe.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great article. Yeah, cCallaway. You've got no money for our roads in Arnold, but you can bail out your stupid, incompetent friends in Murphys