Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcoming election, School Board

Dear Voter,
Thank you for your interest in our schools and in my candidacy for BHSD Board.. 

I have attended several Bret Harte graduations at which my wife's grand kids were graduating. I was impressed and think Mike Chimenti is doing a good job. I also serve on the MTUESD Citizens Oversight Committee
The following was sent to the Union Democrat per their request:
"My name is Albert J. Segalla, age 71,  live in Copperopolis, was born in Flushing New York and have Lived in Tuolumne/Calaveras county about forty years. My immediate family is my Wife, Kyran and four cats; Brownie, Shadow, Mini and Tiger. Some love me and most tolerate me.
My detailed bio is as follows:
Attended San Mateo College, UC Berkeley, Hayward College and Columbia College. Studied building inspection, structural design, supervision, human relations, industrial relations, history, political science, real estate, economics, philosophy and psychology. Did extensive research in public policy, human motivation and achievement. Private pilot.
Works out of his home in Copperopolis as a real estate broker for over 35 years. In 1978 was resident engineer for the city of Union City on the construction of the new civic center. At the same time sold mountain cabin construction contracts on weekends in the gold country. Prior to that was a Hayward City building inspector, structural inspector at San Francisco Airport, construction administrator, soils technician and surveyor at same location. Served in the Navy 1958-62. Honorable discharge
Founded several local businesses including publishing "The Price Checker", a small booklet giving prices for local goods and services; "Mother Lode Video", a video real estate listing service, owned the Country Cafe in Copperopolis and Table Mountain Storage near Lake Tulloch.
Past President of Sonora Toastmasters, Past President of the Tuolumne County Aeronautical Association, serves on Government Affairs Committee of Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce, Past Director Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce and past Chair of its Government Affairs Committee, served as a Director and on the Executive Committee of that chamber. Past Director, Tuolumne County Taxpayers Association, graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations. Founded "Success Team 93" which distributed 400 self help books to local high school graduates. The name of the book was "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Graduate of Leadership Class 2000 which was sponsored by the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce. Past President of the City of Hayward Employee's Association. Founded and is President of the Calaveras County Taxpayers Association.
Strong supporter of free trade and limited government; Past Chairman Gold Country Libertarians; Wrote hundreds of letters to the editors urging limited government on many issues. Was the Libertarian candidate for 25th State Assembly seat in 1994; Was a delegate at most of the Libertarian Party state and national conventions; Was a leader in the effort to allow the school choice initiative to obtain ballot status; Played a leadership role in the unsuccessful opposition to mobile home park rent control and the defeated gas tax increase in Tuolumne County. Outspoken supporter of property rights at calaveras county general plan public meetings.
I need to study current school issues before advocating any specific policy, however, I  tend to favor teachers and parents more that the educational system, which more or less sucks..
I favor maximum transparency including  publicizing the teacher to administration employee ratio.
I think Calpers needs to be fundamentally reformed to allow employee control of assets and removal of conflict of interest in employee bargaining. No public employee should be forced to pay dues to any political organisation.
For reducing costs, we could explore what other schools have done nationwide and adopt changes that have been successful.
Some changes could be: school consolidation, contracting out and school choice. There may be opportunities in expanding  home schooling and in advancement of educational technologies. I promote Stossel in the Classroom.
To me, it is more important to help children learn  how to be successful in a free society, than to preserve a government machine. This could involve students developing  a better understanding of economics, history, ethics and self motivation. Critical thinking and self reliance seems important to success in life, as is a good understanding of our Constitution to preserve our future freedom.
Al Segalla

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Al, thanks for running.