Monday, October 1, 2012

Wilensky and Callaway's Insane Ideas Grow?

   We have just received word that Supervisor Wilensky and Callaway are still proposing to raise the TOT tax (that's the tax on people who are tourists and stay in a motel or B&B in Calaveras County) 4%.

   Why?  Because they are trying to get their favorite organizations who support their elections and re-elections MONEY.  Many voters do not realize what Supervisors or other elected officials will do to win re-elections and how they repay the organizations whose members assist them.

   Well, this is how!! By trying to suck more money out of tourists, and driving the business people who try to make an HONEST living totally out of business.

   These organizations are among dozens who are having trouble raising money, but Wilensky and Callaway only picked the ones whose members support them.

    POLI - TICS, yes the blood sucking kind. Aren't these the very organizations, many members of which, supported killing all building in Calaveras County, the same ones who caused so many people to lose their homes in foreclosure and the same ones who caused so many, (over 15%) to be continuously unemployed so they can't support their families?

   This is disgusting!  If they put this on the ballot in November, the voters must VOTE IT DOWN!


Anonymous said...

Tell us readers the names of these organizations and maybe we can do something at election time!

Anonymous said...

They are sending around an e-mail to all their friends. The organizations are:
The Calaveras Humane Society (no relation to the United States Humane Society) which everyone knows is Callaways pet project. They want to build a giant pet spa in Angels Camp.
The Calaveras County Fair: Another one of Callaways Fav's. They cause their own problems is why no one supports them.
Calaveras Parks and Recreation: An extremely liberal organization bent on taking over every park and county building used for non-profits. Callaway and Wilensky love them.
The Calaveras County Arts: Wilensky has been a board member for years. They are a decent organization but don't know how to run a business, which a non-profit is.
Friend of the Library:
A group most of us support but where controversy has grown due to money raised in one area of the county used to support another library in a different area.

Anonymous said...

Think about how INSANE this is. People supporting this tax who will not have to collect nor pay the tax, yet feel qualified to get on a platform and preach their uninformed view motivated by the entitlement of their chosen special interest. Almost all of these people would complain if the government tried to raise taxes on THEM to support special interests, expecially ones they weren't passionate about. Talk about the epiome of double standards. As they support an unequitable tax that only affects the local lodging facilities and OUTSIDERS (tourists), on the basis that this costs them NOTHING, other Counties are doing exactly the same thing. In the end who benefits? Government and Special Interests. Government is not the primary enemy of private businesses: uninformed, myopic voters are! Based on the economic climate of California, we must have a disproportinate number of them.

Anonymous said...

Based on data from 2008 & 2009, VISITORS spend $150,000,000.00 in Calaveras County. YES, that's 150 Million Dollars folks! Lodging facilities represent about $14 Million or 9% of that. Yet ONLY the Lodging Facilities are burdened with T.O.T. What about the other 91% of businesses that benefit from these visitors?