Thursday, September 24, 2015

Breaking News: How many homes were lost in Amador County due to Butte Fire??

   For over a week, the has been requesting information about how many homes were lost in Amador County and Calaveras County separately,
due to the Butte Fire.

   After being refused the information from Cal Fire and Calaveras County, we called Amador County CAO's office, who gave us their fire official.

   Amador County only lost ONE single family dwelling in the entire Butte Fire incident.  All the rest, 474, are in Calaveras County.

   How can our elected officials meet and hold a meeting as if everything is normal. Most were in Chris Wright's District 2.

   No wonder they've been keeping it a secret! 


Anonymous said...

It was the BIG secret. County officials in Calaveras were waiting til folks cooled off a little. Nothing new here. they lie, postpone informing the public, cover up and all the other corrupt things bad officials do in Calaveras. nothing ever changes.

Anonymous said...

A lot of things seem to be a BIG secret with the handling of this fire. Very poor and confusing information on Cal Fire's website, very slow containment schedule leaving many of us on the Highway 4 corridor so vulnerable, and with no explanation as to why.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna feel sick for along time. can't go drive through that area. heatsick!