Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stay away from Council of Governments CCOG--CORRUPT!!

   After this weeks Calaveras Supervisors meeting, it became perfectly clear that there is a battle brewing (a political battle) over seats on the COG board in Calaveras County.

  While we had been encouraged to get people to apply from District 3, it turns out that the new Supervisor Oliveira will not ALLOW anyone from the District to sit on COG without having been in his campaign committee.

   In fact, it turns out that Melissa Eads called him when someone very qualified approached her with an interest in sitting on the COG board. 

   Oliveira is now extremely angry, and may have crashed his motorcycle as a result of hearing that the COG board voted against his campaign committee member Tim Meutterties being on COG.

  Oliveiras next choice in Michael Preston, famed threatener of our black President, who also bragged that he ran Oliveiras campaign himself.

  He then forced Steve Kearney and Cliff Edson, (not the sharpest knives in the drawer) to vote against the person that COG did approve from District 2.

   And so the corruption caused by Tea Party candidates continues in Calaveras County. When will it stop?  Not until they are recalled, we're afraid.

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Anonymous said...

You're right! Their so-called advertising for citizen volunteers is phony. this is a political appointment; only approved by Supervisors. Especially corrupt supervisors.