Thursday, September 24, 2015

Supervisors Kearney & Edson give millions in freebies to Voorhees Development

  In one of the frequent unfriendly exchanges at the podium (which they try to hide) of  the Calaveras Supervisors September 22, 2015 meeting, residents in District 5 (Kearney) appealed his decision to allow the developer Voorhees
to avoid creating safer streets and turn lanes.

   Although Joyce Techel made a thorough and accurate assessment that Mr. Voorhees, who didn't appear to be present, was trying to save a couple of million dollars, the two Supervisors who almost always seem to discuss their votes together prior to meetings, voted against the appeal.

   Supervisor Ponte made the motion to uphold the residents appeal and force Mr. Voorhees to hold up the contract he made with the county previously to make the roads safer in the area of Hwy 26. Chris Wright seconded the motion.

   Oliveira, who is absent more than he is present since taking office, was again absent. Both Kearney and Edson voted NO! 

   We don't see any way Kearney can EVER get re-elected, and will be lucky if he isn't recalled.

   Edsel (or Edson) votes against the residents every time too. They both voted in favor of allowing an asphalt plant in the Rancho Calaveras neighborhood. 

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Anonymous said...

Is a Mitigated Negative Declaration a form of Calaveras County property based on the value of the writings of the mitigation measures costly improvements expense?
Tuesday's bos hearing, Did Mr. Edson give a reason why he denied the appeal and passed the burden of Orchard Valley Road improvements on to the County?
Do you think Mr Edson and Mr. Kearney have adopted a new level of belief that CalTrans and the county will get the job done, SOON ? Must be, Mr. Edson complains regularly about how long it takes government to get something done. Now that's funny. I've been waiting months for a meeting date and time from Mr. Edson. I guess government has rubbed off on him. Mr. Edson, no need to call now. I'm in the unrepresented area of District 1, the unrepresented areas of the 5th Assembly District and the 8th Senate District. A trifecta. Can you guess who?