Monday, September 28, 2015

What do Dennis Mills, Marti Crane and George Fry have in Common?

   What have Dennis Mills (running for CCWD), Marti Crane (always running for something) and George Fry (another constantly running for office) got in common, besides running for office a lot?

   Well, it seems that they all three are striving to be "STARS".  We saw Dennis Mills, just like Crane and Fry, go the the Angels Camp City Council meeting (because they film) and announce where people can find videos of him.  OH, BROTHER!! Not another one!!!


Anonymous said...

Has he been to san diego lately? or ripped off children? yes, he has run for office a lot and lost every time.

Anonymous said...

It seems like all the crooks who have denied being crooks are all being caught lately, huh?