Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis comes to visit

  The Catholic Pope has come to visit the US; the White House, the 9/11 Memorial, the Congress and the United Nations.

  His speeches have been mainly of peace and helping the poor, he even talked about global warming and the environment; the wildlife of the world. he finally became more Vatican-like as he moved on through the tour.

  The fact that he only shook ONE hand while at the Congress was very meaningful to many; he chose John Kerry who was at the end of the aisle when he walked to the podium.

   Kerry had been one who was practically banished from the Catholic church he attended when he ran for President; and was told he could not accept communion.

   Then, when he reached the United Nations building, he finally let go with the "EVERY SPERM is SACRED" speech, so typical of Catholic popes.

   And while some had been hoping for a more progressive Catholic church under Francis, they suddenly realized nothing was really changing towards women.

   And of course, nothing was mentioned about pedophile priests or Junipero Serra's
enslaving, beating and starving the native Californians to force them to become Catholics; in fact, to the contrary (he was made a SAINT)!

   Some things just never change!!

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