Monday, January 16, 2017

To Victims of "Neighbors from Hell"

     To all of you who have reported having "Neighbors from Hell", please remember you must document, take photos, and make sure you accurately have your dates and times down.

   With supporters (mostly racists) of Trump in this area, we are very aware of dangers to anyone who doesn't support racism and they are always after those who speak out against this sickness!

   People who are mentally unstable are the only people who would allow themselves to become "Neighbors from Hell" in our opinion.  Get a big dog, protect yourselves and your children.

     We understand that deputies recommend people keep a rifle by their back door.  Can you believe that???

   Since the nice people we know don't like guns, it upset us that law enforcement realizes how dangerous bad crazy neighbors can be. 

   We have found that most of these mentally unstable people never had children (thank GOD!) and have no close family around to make them aware of the behavior of these relations. 

   Unfortunately, many of them don't seem to care about anything but being anything but no-good racists and violent predators to those around them.

   One person in the Bay Area law enforcement community says they may be desperate for money and are trying to get a business owner to threaten them so they can sue.

    Yes, these types of people (and we are aware of some) threaten to sue; everyone who fires them, hospitals, their bosses, neighbors, EVERYONE who dislikes their criminal behavior.

   They file phony lawsuits against local businesses pretending to fall or slip, etc. and they wear their bright red Trump shirts everywhere.

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