Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Alcoholism and tobacco are biggest threat

   While the so-called Christian right pretends that Cannabis is the worst health risk in the world, and want it banned, a member of the public today got up at the Calaveras Supervisors and read the FACTS: Alcohol and tobacco are the worst!!

   In Calaveras County, and many of us know, some of our local neighbors are drunks, spend their time boozing and then driving, unable to handle work properly and get along with non-drinkers. They get banned from businesses, get DUI accidents on their record, and their mental capacities are greatly diminished.


Anonymous said...

Because of these religious people, who
think it's ok to have a sexual predator in the white house,Trump I will NEVER again set foot in a Christian church.

Anonymous said...

It's all right dearie, we will still pray for your soul to be saved. God loves all his children, even the misguided ones.