Sunday, October 8, 2017

Candyrock kkk in charge of Neighborhood Watch??? Children put in DANGER???

   When we first heard about DiBasilio's campaign to get elected sheriff included trying to start a
Neighborhood Watch in Calaveras County, we expressed dire concern.

  First of all, the Sgt put in charge, we know refuses to help women who are threatened by his gun wacko friends.

   Now we understand that the Candyrock kkk gun wacks are the WATCHERS???  This county is in BIG TROUBLE!   Will no one run for Sheriff who will get rid of the abusive officers and DiBssilios kkk buddies?

   NOT my kids and grandkids, will I expose to these creeps, says one woman we spoke to..


Anonymous said...

HOw does a swastika wearing kkk slime ball be allowed t carry a gun. Isn't this why we have the FBI? Why doesn't anyone report these people!!??

Anonymous said...

My voices keep me company

Anonymous said...

Sometimes women need to be beaten. They need to be reminded they are nothing

Anonymous said...

I hit my girlfriend. She's not smart enough to liston. I created the term beating sense into women. When I hurt my fist I have to resort to other non conventional ways of disciplin. You don't even want t know what that is.