Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tom McClintock doesn't like Angels Camp residents...

  We are constantly reminded of the lies TRUMP tells daily by a dishonest, immoral and lifelong carpetbagging politician like McClintock.

. McClintock tells the public that he and TRUMP are civil and the rest of the world is NOT. He criticized residents of Angels Camp for DARING to speak out against him. 

   They want this country to be like Russia, where no one is allowed to criticize their leaders.

   McClintock does NOT live in this district!  No wonder he could care less about Calaveras County residents. He is a radical extremist and racist who believes that whatever TRUMP does to us is OK and will not listen to anything else.

  That should be laughable except that our country is being destroyed by people just like McClintock, who is in love with TRUMP.  Where is McClintock spending our tax money?  Like Price???

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