Monday, October 16, 2017

Trump = Hitler

   The Trump-Bannon team has so many similarities with the Hitler era, it's hard to believe that any American's can accept it.

  Bannon about Trump: He's a genius who is going to make America great again.

     Hitler's generals in 1941:  He's a genius who is going to make Germany GREAT again.

 Bannon to the Hate Group Family Research Center over the weekend:  It isn't OUR fault we have to go to war against establishment Republicans; it's their fault!  They caused it!

    Hitler in 1941:  It isn't OUR fault that we have to eliminate the Jews!  They started it. It's their fault!!

   Hitler in 1941:  The newspapers cannot just print what they want!  They must print what we approve is good for the people!!

   Trump in 2017 last week:  It's disgusting that the press can publish whatever they want. We need to stop that!!


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