Monday, October 9, 2017

What Calaveras kook is responsible for Garamendi recall?? Stoughton or McmAnus??

   We have learned that Carl Stoughton, a longtime foe of District 2 Supervisr Jack Garamendi, knew about the recall petition long
before even Jack.

   Since the petition makes absolutely no sense, and just rings of nuts right wing extremist political views, it seems that perhaps Stoughton and McmAnus may be behind it.  A

   All of the things they object too, are the things we at the SierraSentinel find to be his best assets. It
should be tossed by the County Clerk!!


Anonymous said...

Mills is behind this.

Anonymous said...

Garamendi is the only halfway intelligent one up there right now.

Anonymous said...

The people of District 2 are responsible for the RECALL of Supervisor Garamendi.