Tuesday, November 14, 2017

OP-ED: The answer to electric line fires......

   Lawsuits already abound in the most recent wine country fires, basically blaming PG&E for the cause of all these fires, although it has not yet been announced by CalFire.

   220,000 acres and over 8900 structures were destroyed in this most recent destruction of California. We hear many complaints that CalFire held back its firefighters due to union demanded protections, especially in the beginning, when the fire should have been attacked.

   The answer is to FORCE PG&E to BURY all electric lines. No more aerial power lines!! That would end it!  They do not want to PAY!  They would rather settle lawsuits and let our homes burn!

   Like Calaveras County's Butte Fire, seeming incompetence and lack of desire on the part of CalFire, even to allow private bulldozers to clear lines, and Amador County's apparent inability to stop the fire on their side if the river, haunt residents.

   We believe there is absolutely no excuse for CalFire's not making major attacks on these fires immediately. Do they wait too long to order air attacks??  What else is wrong??

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