Tuesday, November 14, 2017

America is "Great Again"??? With filthy GUN THUGS?? Quote!!

  As our readers know Calaveras County has a real problem with racist gun thugs and violent kkk types, even in Ebbetts Pass. Mental illness is a real problem in the area!!

   We received an anonymous comment from one of these mentally unstable individuals, which we have forwarded to the Calaveras Sheriff personally.

   As follows:  "This weekend I am purposely brining the loudest guns and all my ammo to blow up SH** all day at candy rock just to F*** with ****************. Just think, all this shooting makes my D*** hard.  So imagine a red neck a**h***. with a huge er****** shooting deadly weapons hahahaha America is great again!"

  Yes, readers!  This is an example of the filthy type of people who support current Supervisor Oliveira in District 3.  This is an example of the filthy gun thugs who permeate and are trying to destroy our entire county and country!! 

   While we and the Sheriff know exactly who these people are, the Sheriff in Calaveras refuses to do anything to arrest them. Is this because he supports their insanity?? Is this because he supports the KKK???

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