Monday, March 5, 2018

Is Vickie Reinke truly CRAZY???

   This woman talks calmly in public, but acts crazy in private. Is she truly as CRAZY as people say she is:

   BAN, BAN, BAN, Cannabis,
but love METH, Cocaine, BOOZE!  How much does Reinke DRINK! We have witnesses!

   If the county of Calaveras is sued, REINKE should have to pay and the other BAN committee!! Not the taxpayers!!


Anonymous said...

Those alt-righters are all nUTS!!!

Anonymous said...

She has been seen on multiple occasions at the bar at greenhorn very drunk, then getting in her car to drive home.

Anonymous said...

Law suits are being submitted one after the next due to this skank and her friends. Our county can't keep paying for the problems from these people.