Monday, March 5, 2018

What do we really know about District 3 Supervisor candidate Callaway?

   Once a person has been in office way too long, many facts about why they lose their elections are out in the light of day.

   Callaway was very good at hiding these facts. She has told people that it was NOT her idea
at all to burden all businesses in Arnold with PLANNED Development. 

   Callaway blamed that one on the wife of a painter and a man who gives out loans for building in Ebbetts Pass.  They believed it would bring them business. Fooled them!!!

     She fails to state that SHE was instrumental in pushing PD and Resolution 07-242 through (you know, the one where you have to own 40 acres to build a home), along with Tryon, the reason HE lost his last election.  Callaway VOTED for these destructive policies time and again.

   Callaway also conveniently forgets? that SHE and Steve Wilensky (angered by Ray Waller citing him for code violations) brought that woman friend of his over from Amador County (where she had caused all kinds of scandals) to fire Ray Waller and crash the Building Department.

   It worked and it has never come back to the efficiencies it had under Waller.  Of course, the woman got involved (yes, another scandal, with ex CHP and Supervisor Claudino) and got a big payoff when she was forced out.  Waller also got a big lawsuit settlement from the county!  IDIOTS????? Yes!! And you want her back???

   Yes, there are reasons why ex Supervisors are EX.  Her friends are trying to get her job back, but
she is so out of touch with the real working people in Ebbetts Pass.
     Many businesses have lost everything due to her insurrection over this and her hatred for anyone who campaigned against her. She is really no better than Oliveira, the racist pig who would rather shoot at innocent animals that WORK!

   She is PRO-Cannabis and only pretends to listen to those who are against it. This is the same way she pretended to care about regular folks before.   More coming later....


Anonymous said...

How about devious, hateful, pretending to be on all sides lying.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they all doing that now?

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes! The 40 acre and mule law. Killed this county. Oliveira swore he would bring back jobs. He lied too!