Monday, October 8, 2012

Board of Supervisors Approving Wildlife Killers

   Put on the Consent Agend for Tuesday, October 9, 2012, is paying a Wildlife killer to stand by and come whenever called to bait, trap and kill the animals that just try to survive in Calaveras County.

   With one phone call, these people RUN and JUMP to get the opportunity to destroy our wildlife.

   Because we get people up here who decide to raise goats in mountain lion country, they get blanket permission to have killed any hungry mountain lion.

   Because we get people up here who are terrified of black bears, bobcats, and even raccoons, they can simply call the magic killer number and keep having them tortured and killed at their whim.

   For $56,0000 a man sits at home and gets paid whether he is out in the field or not. California got a new head to the Fish and Wildlife board after one was caught bragging about killing, but we don't know if they will clean up their reputation or not.

   We saw a guy named Klinehoffer at the Board meeting reminding them to pay their bill, as it was not a part of the budget approved last week. And, like magic, here is the killer resolution!

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